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introducing the...
are you ready to 
BREAKTHROUGH THE BURNOUT and finally love your life?

  Introducing the...
Go from waking up overwhelmed and hating your life to...
living and loving your life again! 
>>And with clear direction<<

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Hey there... I'm Nellie!
And not that long ago I was right where you're at... scared, miserable and ready for a change.

Here's my story...
Growing up I was always so happy and felt like I could do anything!
Like starting a nonprofit organization at 16 years old!
Sounds reasonable, right?
I Went From Having No Network, No Money And No Clue How To Start A Nonprofit Organization...
To raising millions of dollars and spreading awareness across the country! 

People told me I was
sooooooooo successful! 
I was getting awards, being featured in Columbus CEO, on major news channels and GLAMOUR magazine.
But I felt far from successful.

I was so stressed and terribly exhausted.  
And somewhere along the way I lost my voice, my identity and I hadn't even realized it.
 I was working 80 + hours a week at minimum wage
 I had $50,000 of student loans 
 I was 40 pounds heavier 
My new marriage was suffering because I wasn't present the way I wanted to be and needed to be.  

So as I looked in the mirror on our honeymoon and I made a few promises to myself.

 1. That I would create the life I wanted for me and for us. 

2. That I would love myself again. 

3. And there would be no more excuses or giving up. 
I returned home to Columbus with a fire in my belly. 
And the first thing I began to focus on was my health. 

After years of Red Bull, lack of sleep and a gym membership that was collecting dust... I had hit my limit. 

I was finally ready to change... to become the BEST version of me possible!

So I followed a system for the first time in my life, listened to the experts and put in the work.

guess what?!
 The weight started to come off. 
 People started to notice. 
 My confidence started to explode.
The second thing we focused on was my student loan debt. 

We paid off thousands of dollars in students loans. 

Then I invested in leadership trainings and online courses to propel me forward... faster! 
And then it hit me... just because I started a nonprofit didn't mean I couldn't do other things in life.

>> It could live on without me in the drivers seat! << 
So I put on my #coach hat and began helping other women like me.

Women who were tired of living a life of "Same old B.S. just a different day!" kinda thing. 

Women who wanted more out of life and knew it would be scary stepping out of their comfort zones but wanted to go after it anyway. 

Because they knew staying in the same ole rut would be a slow and agonizing death.

When the imposter syndrome began creeping in I pushed forward... because I made a promise to myself to never quit.    

Then came the retreats and coaching calls...

It felt so amazing to create a space for women to show them what was truly possible for their life and I didn't want to stop. 
So I began the transition 
out of the nonprofit I started. 
And guess what happened next?! 

Yep, a baby was coming...

Which is a great way to speed up a deadline on really anything (hehe). 

I started to show up more on social media to provide positivity and support to anyone that wanted to listen. 

And people started to notice and want more so while I was very pregnant I designed my first ever life group coaching program, The Magical Mentorship Group. 
I was literally enrolling women as I was heading into the hospital to give birth.  
I was a new mom with a new business and back to having no clue what to do. 

But this time it felt different. 

This time I had the tools to have smart success (FINALLY!). 

I could work when and where I wanted to. 

I could start getting paid my worth. 
I could have everything I ever wanted without feeling like I'm sacrificing anything.
The Magical Mentorship Group Class of 2018 blew my mind! 

They were leaving their jobs that were sucking the life out of them.
Creating businesses and writing books that lit their soul on fire.

Creating healthier habits, routines and budgets. 

Starting and growing nonprofit organizations.
Building friendships across the country.
And we were doing it ALL together!
Then came the class of 2019. 

We went from 15 women to over 50 women!  

And wouldn't you believe it... similar results started to happen again for them too. 

We added in fun trips, more coaching calls, weekly reflection and additional accountability.  

The community has been the most magical piece of it all. 
Most of my students say the friendships they create are one of their favorite parts! 
And now it is time to create the class of 2020...

I have taken everything that has worked, tweaked what hasn't and come up with something super special to help you reach your BIG goals. 
Are you ready to begin...
PHASE ONE: Strategy
You'll feel as though we're in a 1:1 strategy session with my customized life strategy sequence provided to you via on demand video coaching with worksheets to follow along every step of the way! 

So put on your comfy PJ's and binge watch all the trainings. 

It is going to blow your mind! 

We will cover: 

Creating Success
Creating Your Magical Language
Creating Your Mantra
Creating Your Values
Creating What is Possible
Creating Your Boundaries
Creating Your Healthy Habits
Creating More Time Freedom
Creating More Financial Freedom
Creating Your Grace Policy
Creating Your Plan When In Breakdown Mode
I will never waste your time so the videos are quick, concise, and have actionable steps! When you get stuck you will have a community of support too!
PHASE TWO: solutions
My friends and even husband make fun of me (in a good way) because I am a master problem solver. You give me a problem and I will find you a solution!  

After you complete my custom life assessment I created, you will unlock the solutions for...

Health & Happiness
Creativity & Play 
Decluttering, Budgeting  & Organizing
Leaving your job or loving your job more
Thriving relationships
Starting or growing your side hustle
Giving back 
We'll strategize your step by step solution plan regarding the areas of your life you want to improve. It'll be life-changing!
January 6th-March 1st
Through coaching and supporting hundreds of women I want to ensure the odds for success are stacked in your favor. 

So you're going to get 8 weeks of bonus material... VIRTUAL LIVE GROUP COACHING. 

So there's NO EXCUSES to NOT reach your goals and you can't hide! 
Yes you read that right!
Eight weeks, you and me and a hundred other passionate women all coming together and crushing our goals.

Come January 6th it will be time to roll up your sleeves and getting to work with your focus group! 
After completing the life assessment from phase one it will be VERY clear which area of your life you get to focus on for the 8 weeks. You only get one focus! 
You will have access to Nellie and other experts in the private Facebook group during the 8 weeks. 

You will be also be paired up with other students in a small group working towards a similar goal for extra accountability. 
Double the support can mean double the results! It is up to you to show up BIG during this 8 weeks so you can get the results you have been wanting...FINALLY!

You will be able to ask Nellie questions via a google form and she will provide coaching and support every week day during the entire 8 weeks. 

Everything will be on demand so you can access it without stress or FOMO of missing anything. 

This is my students favorite part because of the powerful community you gain. 

There is nothing like it! 


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Cue being an Oprah wanna be! 

🎁Bonus #1-VIP Table for 10 at the 2020 Real Women Conference ($800 value) 

🎁Bonus #2-VIP Virtual Meet & Greet with other students and coaching and Nellie on Wednesday, December 18th at 9PM EST ($499 value)


So let's recap...
Phase One:
All my life strategy trainings and worksheet that you get instant and life time access to! 

Phase Two:
A customized life assessment I created just for you along with solutions for areas of your life. You get lifetime access to all of the solutions. 

Phase Three:
Eight weeks of virtual group coaching to make sure you have tons of support to be successful! All virtual and on demand to work it into your life. 

I know you're asking...but how much???

What if I told you it's WAY cheaper than coaches I worked with that charged me over $2500 (for almost the same exact plan)!

You're probably wondering "Why is it so cheap then?" well...

Because I genuinely want to help women find that spark in their life again... without costing them an arm and a leg! And this is only the beginning of what I can offer you. We've got to get you in a great place to start or grow your business! 

Soooo I'm making this super affordable at 
(or 8 Easy Weekly Payments of $97)
This program is for women who: 
 Want more out of life!
 Don't want to figure it out alone!
 Are willing to put in the work and ask for support!
 Bring ideas to the group! 
 Will do whatever it takes to find solutions for themselves and others!
 Want to have more fun! 
 Show up even when they don't want to! 
 Are ready to make the changes to live their best life! 
Who this program is NOT for!

 This is not for someone that is not willing to put in the work! 
 This is not intended to replace any therapy! 
 This is not a hand holding type of group! 
 This is not a full business coaching program!
 This is not intended to be a 101 coaching program! 
 This is not for someone that doesn't think they need to change anything in their life! 
 This is not for someone looking for coaches that are perfect! 
 This is not for someone that will not complete the course, engage in the group or keep their word to fulfill their enrollment payment. 
Are you Ready to Unlock My Turn Key Strategy, Solutions & Support?
Here's EXACTLY what you're getting...
  • Lifetime access to the Creating Your Magical Life Course (INSTANT ACCESS TODAY!)
  • ​Lifetime access to the worksheets of my step-by-step system for your life
  • ​Lifetime access to Creating your Magical Solutions 
  • ​Results of your life assessment to get clear on what areas you need to focus on 
  • ​Exclusive Access to 8 weeks of virtual group coaching and support to focus on one area of your life
  • ​Exclusive Access to Nellie & other coaches through the private Facebook coaching group for 8 weeks 
  • ​Exclusive Access to the alumni Facebook page upon graduation to stay connected and motivated
  • ​​Gain a community of like minded women that become friends for a lifetime 
  • ​Finally achieve the goals you have been trying to accomplish on your own 
join today and Start Creating Your Magical Life! 
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Dynamically Updated

I promise to be my word, to love you unconditionally, to cheer you on, to motivate you, to not give up on you, to provide the best experience for you to get results, to support you with solutions for your magical life! Let's do this!!!!!!

** The Fine Print **
I only work with women who are ready to make a change in their life. 

I always show up, even when it's not easy. 

There are no refunds for this program and coaching.

Make sure when you purchase you are ready (and committed) to creating your magical life!

Can't wait to meet you and share this journey with you!
Still need more... check out what these ladies are saying!
Brittany B. 
Nellie's Magical Mentorship has completely changed my life. With her encouragement and leadership, I was able to drastically improve my marriage, declutter my entire home, and bring in more income than I ever have. Had I not joined, I would still be that girl dreaming of a better life. Now, I'm living it. I have a lot more growth ahead of me and I can't wait to see where I go next!
Meggie S.
Being a part of the MM19 group has pushed me professionally, out of my comfort zone, and into a new arena of opportunity. Being surrounded by 60+ like-minded female bad asses who consistently supported me, challenged me and held me accountable to keep climbing my mountain toward my ultimate goal of career freedom and work-life balance as a momprenuer resulted in big strides in a short amount of time. Nellie leads by example, is true to her word and provides resources, accountability and support that can take you to the next level. As a mom of three young children, I was tentative about joining the group, not knowing how committed I could be to be fully engaged. The luxury of this group is that it is what you make it. You can fully engage in the pieces that work best for you and there are so many virtual avenues of support available with recorded calls and replays that you can fit it in to your schedule no matter how chaotic your life might be. 
Amanda M.
I truly watched my life align in the direction it was always meant to go. Hustling for your goals and putting yourself first is the hardest task of all but with this community of powerful and inspiring ladies, I truly feel like I am unstoppable! What I would say to someone interested is, why are you still reading this? GET ON BOARD! Serious note, everyone should give this a chance because you don't even know what could be possible unless you try!
Carlie Y.

MM19 has changed my life in so many ways! When I first started, I had a dream to publish a novel. Just one, that's all I was hoping for. It's been a dream of mine since the 5th grade when I first started writing. 

Then five words changed my life... "How can I support you?"

The amazing community, the SISTERHOOD that I now belong to not only gave me that support, but didn't take any excuses from me. A little bit of tough love, and two more words.

"By when?"

Not only did I publish my first novel, Entitled, my second, Entrapped, will be coming out soon! I have an author's website, a Facebook like page, an upcoming book signing, and many more to come 

Thank you, Nellie, from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me and believing in me so much that I finally believe in myself!

Here's a recap of what you'll get...
Live Anywhere
8 Weeks of Group Coaching
Unlock solutions for your life
On Demand Trainings 
A community of rockstars
Achieve Your Goals
Join the fun! 




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